Armed and prepared: Mars 2020 rover is fitted with its robotic arm

On June 21, 2019, engineers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory set up the principle robotic arm on the Mars 2020 rover. Measuring 7 toes (2.1 meters) lengthy, the arm will enable the rover to work as a human geologist would: by holding and utilizing science instruments with its turret. NASA/JPL-Caltech

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory continues to make progress on making ready the Mars 2020 rover for its upcoming mission. Lately the rover had its six wheels fitted so it might probably traverse the Martian floor, and now it has had its robotic arm put in as effectively.

The robotic arm is a posh piece of equipment in its personal proper, consisting of 5 electrical motors and 5 joints — the shoulder azimuth joint, the shoulder elevation joint, the elbow joint, the wrist joint, and the turret joint. In whole the arm is 7 toes (2.1 meters) in size and might be used to maneuver round and use scientific instruments.

On the finish of the arm is the turret, which acts because the rover’s “hand” and consists of tools resembling high-definition cameras, science devices, and a percussive drill and coring mechanism.

The rover will finally have two arms: The principle robotic arm which was simply put in, in addition to a smaller arm which might be put in contained in the rover to deal with samples of Martian rock and soil.

After its launch in 2020, the rover will contact down in an space of Mars known as the Jezero Crater which is regarded as the positioning of an historical Martian lake. It’s going to acquire samples of rocks within the space and observe the construction of the sediment to present scientists clues as as to if there was as soon as liquid water on the planet’s floor. It’s going to acquire each visible info, utilizing excessive definition shade cameras, and geological samples utilizing its arm to be introduced again to Earth for examine.

The NASA engineers are clearly having enjoyable updating the general public in regards to the progress on the rover. “You need to give a hand to our rover arm set up staff,” Ryan van Schilifgaarde, a assist engineer at JPL for Mars 2020 meeting, mentioned in an announcement. “They made an especially intricate operation look straightforward. We’re wanting ahead to extra of the identical when the arm will obtain its turret within the subsequent few weeks.”

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