Apex Legends dataminers uncover upcoming characters and weapons

Apex Legends‘ roster of characters and stock of weapons could quickly develop, as dataminers have found code on upcoming content material for the brand new Battle Royale shooter on the block.

Dataminers have found references in Apex Legends supply code to what look like characters named Octane and Wattson, and weapons named Havoc Rifle and L-Star EMG.

Octane is believed to have a capability named Stim Pack, which is probably going just like Titanfall 2‘s Stim that gives a brief increase to the pilot within the type of extra velocity, shortened reload occasions, and doubled well being regeneration. It’s unclear if Octane’s Stim Pack potential is a private one or if it may also be used on teammates.

Wattson, in the meantime, reportedly has a capability named Tesla Entice, which is probably going an electrical entice that can injury and/or ensnare enemies. The present Apex Legends roster solely has Caustic using traps, so Wattson’s potential could also be a welcome addition to the sport.

Dataminers have additionally found an inventory of names with no knowledge linked to them – Crypto, Husaria, Jericho, Nomad, Prophet, Rampart, Rosie, and Skunner. These could also be upcoming legends, however they could even be weapons.

Talking of weapons, additionally discovered the 2 new weapons in Apex Legends code, in addition to a few of their stats. The Havoc Rifle may have a base ammo capability of 25 power bullets, which signifies that it will likely be an power rifle, and it’ll deal 18 injury for photographs to the physique and 36 injury for photographs to the top. The L-Star EMG, in the meantime, could also be an power machine gun, holding 60 bullets per clip and able to dealing 21 injury for photographs to the physique and 42 injury for photographs to the top.

Nevertheless, as with all datamined code, the references don’t imply that the arrival of the brand new legends and weapons is imminent, if they’re certainly coming to Apex Legends. Avid gamers should anticipate an official announcement from Respawn Leisure to substantiate Octane, Wattson, the Havoc Rifle, and the L-Star EMG.

Dataminers have additionally beforehand discovered code for brand new Apex Legends recreation modes that can enable gamers to go solo or play in groups of two.

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